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Current Exhibition

'Action Force 40'

As part of Coalville Heritage Society's 'Many Faces of Palitoy' project, we are proud to host the Action Force 40 exhibition. 

Led by the former Lead Designer of the Action Force line of toys at Palitoy, the exhibition showcases the wide variety of models and figures while telling the story of Palitoy, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the line.

Come visit the exhibition on any day of the week except Sunday, from 10am to 4pm.

And, on Saturday 3rd December, there will be a guided walk from the gallery to the former Palitoy factory. A member of Coalville Heritage Society will give an informative summary of the history of Coalville on the way.

Finally, Bob Brechin, former lead Designer of Action Force, will be hosting a talk on the history of Palitoy on Saturday 10th of December.

Tickets for talks and guided tour cost £4.50 per person and can be obtained HERE.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

January 2023

'Get Moving'



Previous Exhibitions

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