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Peter Elderfield


1921 – 2001


He was blessed with that rare ability to talk happily to anyone he met and to make friends wherever he went.

Coalville C.A.N. is part of his legacy to the town he adopted as his own, and so we've named our social ground floor space in his honour.

Driven by his desire to create a better world…


Peter was one of the youngest and most popular councillors ever elected to Leicestershire County Council, but became frustrated by rigorous rules and protocols.


He fought against the creation of welfare dependency and bureaucrats who made a comfortable living at the expense of those in poverty.


Driven by a desire to bring about a better world which did not waste billions in cash on military expenditure, while people lived in degradation and poverty.

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There is no shortage of housing problems,

what is needed are solutions!

Peter Elderfield was founder of World Habitat. He was an entrepreneur and philanthropist - a pioneer in the social housing sector and beyond.


He set up East Midlands Housing in Coalville in 1946, aged 25, to provide homes for coalminers and ex-servicemen.


In 1976, he established the Building and Social Housing Foundation, which has become World Habitat, a global housing research charity.

Wise words from Peters wife Pat below..

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Download the full information pack below about Peter Elderfields legacy with World Habitat!

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