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Having been closed for 2 years, Coalville Market has been put up for sale and bidders have had to move quickly. Coalville CAN, with partners, have put in a bid for community ownership to create a welcoming, safe, accessible, professionally run venue for everyone to enjoy.

This is by no mean guaranteed.  Others may have put forward different ideas, our plans may be turned down or decisions could be put off. 

Hopefully our ideas will be given a chance.

We've gotten over 350 responses to our Community Survey!


You can see the results by clicking here.

3D Design concept and visual by Aleksandar Bajić

Fancy ice-skating in Coalville this Christmas? 
Want to have the latest blockbuster films on your doorstep?
Want to have clubs for parkour? Bouldering? Soft play?
A home for a Coalville Community Workshop and Tool Library?


North West Leicestershire Council own the market so will decide what happens next.

And what's more, CCAN's profit are all reinvested and recirculated back into the local area! 

A win-win for everyone. The town attracts more people, encouraging people to spend more time and money here, creating new jobs and attracting others to start up.

Says Deana from CCAN, "Coalville market hall is unique building with masses of potential. The scale and space it offers in the heart of Coalville could enable a whole range of community activities from indoor dog events to ice rinks to a cinema and Bouldering venue. We know it can be delivered and we know how! We hope the Council like our proposal and join us in helping to regenerate the town." 

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