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Welcome to CAN  HQ

Our creative hub and working space in the heart of the community.

A social meeting place in honour of Peter Elderfield.

Chill out and have a cuppa in the Public Living Room!

The Repair Bench_edited.png

Bring your spare or broken tools to the Repair Bench to be fixed or donated...

The Gallery_edited.png

View community or private exhibitions in The Gallery- or display your own.

Purchase lovely handmade gifts and decorations, or kits to make your own, at Wobbly Pins.

Locally produced arts, crafts and more for purchase.

Learn all about sewing and what it can do for you with the CIC Oh Sew Splendid

Tech Shack_edited.png

And the Tech Shack will do the same with your old devices!

The Workshop_edited.png

Learn something new or hone your skills at one of our workshops.

Private offices, personal desks, hotdesking and more available from

The Workspace.

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